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Take control of estimating

Estimate quickly and accurately with simPRO job management software

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Know your real costs
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Generate accurate estimates fast
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Provide clear and detailed quote breakdowns

Estimate the right way

Whether you’re quoting or estimating for a service job or multi-phase project, simPRO keeps you in control.

Estimating vs Actual ❮ ❯

Visibility of all of your labor types

See a complete overview of all of your labor types and costs as you’ve defined them in your system.

Choose the cost rate, sell rate, and markup price for any labor type and use this as a default for any new customer. This makes it quick and easy to add labor costs to your estimate or a quote for a particular customer.

Easily adjust your labor costs at any time. Changes can automatically apply to all customers you use that labor rate for.

Labor Rates System Setup

Import supplier catalogs

Easily review the materials ordered from your suppliers. Import any supplier catalog or materials list into your simPRO system.

Compare supplier prices and add items directly from supplier catalogs onto your estimate. Improve your estimates’ accuracy by using your true material costs.

If you’re working on a project, you can maintain a catalogue of items with prices reflecting your unique project price.

Catalogue Items Overview

Easily revise and adjust your estimates

Estimate not as profitable or competitive as you would like? No problem.

In simPRO Enterprise, you can lock your current estimate, make changes, and see a succinct report that compares your old estimate to your revised one.

Understand where you’ve spread your costs with a visual representation of your net profit and your material and resource costs.

Save time

There’s no need to start your estimate from scratch every time. Save and reuse combinations of materials and labor, just materials, or just labor, to speed up your next estimate.

If you’re working from plans, you can import drawings and, with the use of third-party take-off software such as Groundplan, transfer the materials from your plans into your estimate or quote.

Setup Estimate Templates

Building and finalizing

Cost each phase of a multi-stage project separately or as a group. You can even include an optional parts/labor section to your final quotation for upselling opportunities.

Whether you’re providing customers with an estimate or quote, make sure it looks professional.

Use design templates to ensure your quote or estimate includes the details you and your customers require.

Building and Finalising Estimates

“My costings have become more accurate, and when I have to adjust something, it’s quite easy to do. I can turn a quote out as easy as that, which I couldn’t do before.”

Jeff from Network EPS Ltd

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