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United States Leadership Team

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Brad Couper - CEO and Acting President

Brad Couper is the simPRO Group Chief Executive Officer, reporting to the simPRO Group board of directors, and is Acting President for simPRO US

As CEO Brad is responsible for directing the simPRO Group’s business and strategy via the group executive team, as well as the group Product Manager, and the group Corporate Sales Specialist. Brad’s current focus is on launching into the US market with the simPRO suite of products and growing the business profitably in all markets.

Brad started with simPRO when his field mobility data business was brought into the simPRO Group in 2009 at which time he established the first international simPRO operation in the United Kingdom. Returning in 2011 Brad headed up the Sales, Marketing and Product side of the simPRO business and was appointed Group CEO in August 2012.

Prior to working with simPRO Brad owned a field mobility business called Datateq which was acquired by simPRO in 2009. Prior to that Brad had worked for several corporates in the security wholesale space including Hills, and 15 years in corporate operations with McDonald’s Australia.

Kim Gill Headshot

Kim Gill - Director of Marketing

Kim Gill is Director of Marketing for simPRO US, bringing 20 years of experience in marketing and association management to the position.

Kim is responsible for developing US marketing and communication activities in line with corporate strategy, designing and implementing lead generation campaigns, managing and coordinating events, and initiating and maintaining association partnerships at the local, state and national levels.

Vanessa Winter Headshot

Ken Del Gobbo - Vice President of Partnerships

As Vice President of Partnerships for the US operation, Ken's responsibility is to expand simPRO’s presence in the US market by continuing to build high performance partnerships with accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers.