Call Centre

The call centre add-on is designed to operate with either an internal or external call centre. It has a highly customisable dashboard for creating leads, quotes and jobs and for retrieving details about those activities all in a single page. New users can be trained to use the call centre quickly in either an internal or external call centre environment with no access to the main system required.

This add-on is typically deployed in environments driven by a repetitive and high volume of activity where the desired outcome is normally to send an assessor or engineer to site to carry out work.

Organisations currently using the call centre add-on manage the inspection, quotation and installation of systems. Those systems are typically solar systems, water tanks, hot water systems, internet connections, home entertainment systems, pay TV systems, home & furniture repairs, and insurance work.


The simPOS add-on is designed for clients with a showroom or basic retail front needing an over-the-counter sales system to tie into Enterprise’s catalogue. It displays a simple colour coded, catalogue browsing structure. Alternatively, link it with a barcode scanner to scan products through. While it is browser-based and can run on any computer screen it has been optimised for touch screen with tablet devices in mind.

For these service-centric businesses, the showroom is often a secondary or supporting aspect to the business. As a result, the systems implemented are either geared towards the service side of the business and are very cumbersome in a POS retail environment or are disconnected so they function well, though don’t read and write to the same information the other side of the business is running with.

simPOS is a web based front end to simPRO Enterprise. simPOS is a point of sale system that processes the job, allocates the stock and creates all in the background to comply with standard simPRO Enterprise workflows, though allows the user on the front end to simply scan or choose what they are selling then to process the transaction. The information captured on the front counter is stored within simPRO Enterprise providing the transparency management require to effectively monitor and grow.

Asset Maintenance Management

simPRO has an inbuilt asset database builder that lets you set up unique fields for each asset type. As each asset type may have different service levels, you can flag each one as appropriate.

Maintenance Planning

simPRO’s inbuilt planner lets you know what has to be tested, what test has to be performed and where and when the test needs to be completed.

Programmed Maintenance Scheduling

Using simPRO’s scheduler and recurring jobs function, input the required schedule and replicate the anniversary dates to suit your customer’s needs. Recurrent jobs can be scheduled at any frequency from daily to annually and you always remember because simPRO will create the job and allocate to the relevant technician or have it ready and waiting for scheduling. Work tasks (service description) can be consolidated and job history tracked for each call.

Automatic Repair or Rectification Quotes

Should any asset require repairs or rectification, your system can easily generate a quote that can be instantly emailed to the client for approval. As they have access via the Client Management Portal, they can immediately accept your quote so you can perform the necessary works and eliminate liability.

If your technician is still onsite, they can perform the required works before moving on to the next job.

Preventative Maintenance

Once the programmed maintenance is complete any suggestive or rectification work can be costed, quoted and completed for your customer.

Reactive Maintenance

When the reactive call comes in it is usually because the asset is down. In this case, a job needs to be scheduled fast. simPRO streamlines this process and enables the job to be scheduled with the customer while they are still on the phone.

These jobs can then be invoiced on a time and materials basis or allocated to the maintenance or warranty contract.

Customer Management Portal (CMP)

Your customer can access all of their asset management history via the customer management portal. All test reports, job history and invoices are on display and up to date which means contingent liabilities are met.


The multi-company extension for simPRO Enterprise allows companies to run more complex structures out of a single system. Traditionally companies needing to separate the business for reporting or operational reasons and keep resources firewalled into sections of the business have needed to run multiple systems. This limitation has led to high administration costs to run the business as well as a lack of timely transparency into the organisation. The simPRO Enterprise multi-company extension is perfect for organisations that need to keep some portions of their business separate and keep others shared like group companies working together, franchises, multi-branch companies, multi-national organisations. The system can be configured to share or keep separate:

  • System configuration settings and defaults
  • Customers
  • Stock
  • Catalogues

Field resources such as staff, contractors and plant can be shared across multiple branches or kept separate allowing them to be shared across multiple companies. Each company can then also work with a separate accounting engine or can all feed into a single accounting system.

Third-party Add-ons

A myriad of third-party developers and systems have done their own integration with simPRO including vehicle tracking systems, phone systems, estimating and collaboration tools.

A showcase of add-ons can be found here →