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This update includes some highly anticipated improvements

by Erin Haywood
October 15, 2015
simPRO Software release

Your input on our feature request forum has allowed us to continue to make new improvements and features for Service and Enterprise that we know are of benefit to you.

In the latest release, we’ve included the following new features:

Security group hierarchy

Your accounts department doesn’t require access to quotes or pre-builds; that’s where security groups come in, controlling user access to different functions within simPRO. The new security group hierarchy feature better manages who can apply security groups: a user will only be able to assign a security group to an employee or contractor card that is at or below the same security group level as them. This update applies to Enterprise only.

Payment schedule form

Also exclusive to Enterprise is a new form to request for claim type invoices. The payment schedule form will display project information such as total contract value, claims to date, and remaining claim. This assists the primary contractor or customer in understanding the progress of the project, and you in getting payment from your customers.

Purchase order warning

While you’ve always been able to create purchase orders for invoiced jobs, we’ve now added a purchase order warning, so you know the job is invoiced before you create that purchase order. The purchase order warning is available in both Enterprise and Service.

For more information on everything included in the latest update, visit the Release Notes.

Writer, bookworm, and travel enthusiast. Writing and editing daily as Copywriter for the simPRO Software Group.

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