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The Seven Must Haves of a Business Website

by Nathan McDonald
August 26, 2014
Must Haves

The following is a guest post by Nathan McDonald of Black Belt Business.

In the age of Social Media, websites are still essential for running a business. The majority of small businesses do not have a website, and the ones that do, leads and sales from the website are fewer than 10%. Websites remain one of the most cost effective sources of revenue when used to their full potential. Check your Website has the following 7 “Musts” to boost your business.

1. A Call to Action

Make sure your website has a clear purpose. Businesses often fall into the trap of having too much information about themselves without actually asking for the sale. You must include links such as “Click Here to Buy”, “Download Here” or “Print Your Discount Coupon”.

2. It’s All About Them

Remember your website is all about your customer.

Anything you write on your website must be directed towards your customer. Feel free to explain who you are and what you offer but make sure it is brief and leads your customer to action. What are the benefits. Does your site have some great headings, identifying what you do as a business in under 3 seconds?

3. Content! Content! Content!

Generate more traffic by increasing your content. Instead of spending all day doing searching and writing, find efficient ways to create something interesting. For example, I voice record 10 minute sessions about a topic and then get them transcribed to put on my website blogs and social media. The more written content and videos on your website and on social media, the sooner Google notices you.

Make sure you frequently update your website. This let’s Google know it’s an active site and gives your customers something to follow. Ask your Web Designer for the ability to do this, alternatively if you want a website that’s simple to operate yourself, programs such as WordPress are ideal.

4. Responsiveness

What does this mean? A responsive website works on all platforms i.e.; iPhone, Tablet, Kindle etc. So make sure you check your website on different platforms to make sure it’s formatted and user friendly. An easy way to check this is to look at your website on your phone now. Google has written that they will avoid promoting websites that aren’t responsive so this is very important.

5. Commitment Objective

Look at your website now. What are you asking your customer to do? Do you want them to buy your product, discuss it or give you information? Whatever it is, make it obvious. To do this keep your page simple and clear the clutter. Your main page should not overwhelm your customer. Include all your lengthy information either at the bottom of the page or in menu options.

This will lead your client through your Sales Funnel. Your website should offer a range of links and products which guide your customer through free interactions and then introduce them to your premium products or services. This is your objective.

6. Update and Use Social Media

Linking your website to social media is one of the easiest ways to share your content. Attach plugins to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn for example. Many small businesses do not even use social media; this is the surest way to put your website at the bottom of a Google search.

7. Monitor your Website

You should be getting feedback on your website weekly. If not, it’s probably not effective. Use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Ahrefs.
Google Analytics tells you who visits and from where etc. Google Webmaster Tools provides data on key words that are being searched and who links your site. Ahrefs gives you information on back links, which are pages that refer to your site such as directories; Google evaluates your sites based on this. is a site that will test the speed of your webpage, again if it is too slow you will lose your customers.

There are so many programs to monitor your website, so whether you check this yourself or use a professional this is vital to get the best out of your website.

Watch the full one hour webinar

If you need a hand setting up your website visit Black Belt Websites.

The idea behind Black Belt Business is to provide a simple system where business owners can see their progression through belt levels, take as long as they choose on each belt, and then seeing an ultimate goal at the end. Do you need something to bring all your KPIs in one place and only takes 5 minutes a month to complete? At Black Belt Business, we’ve devised a great KPI template to help with making some great decisions about your business. Email us at for more information.

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