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simPRO Service – We’re Live!

by Brad Halcrow
March 10, 2015
Service is Live
This is about the most exciting news since … well, the dawn of simPRO.

Introducing, simPRO Service

For a while now we’ve heard from clients looking for a solution not quite as ‘full-blown’ as Enterprise. They've aspired to be running on the simPRO engine but haven't required the larger features Enterprise is renowned for.

Since November last year we've had a few early adopters using simPRO Service BETA. When I say a few I mean, several hundred users have signed up to put it through it’s paces.

Yesterday we took BETA off the name. It’s been a long time coming. For five years we’ve been working away in the background developing a product aimed specifically at those knocking out simple do-and-charge (aka: Time-and-Materials for our friends in the US) jobs each day. Service is aimed at users who don’t need complex project management functionality such as multi-stage quoting, estimating, job variations, progress-claims, multi-currency, retentions... you get the idea.

simPRO Service

So, now that monster otherwise known as Enterprise has a younger brother. The best part is, that ‘younger brother’ is still a very respectable member of the job management community and is still more feature packed than it’s nearest rival. The focus remains on transforming the way you do business, not juggling jobs on the screen. We want to bring every corner of the business together into one fluid motion.

Bucket loads of training options

Another trend we haven't changed is the focus on rock-solid training, we've provided a comprehensive range of options.

For everyone around the globe we're delivering Webinars to guide you through all the features loaded into Service.

Then there are the WalkThrus inside the app which provide step-by-step tutorials on how to get set up and get started.

In Australia and New Zealand Setup Partners can visit on-site for fast-track training. We’ll endeavour to build similar networks around the globe as we spread our wings across the ocean.

As always, there's the trusty HelpDesk for online chat or to email the Support team.

In the field

The Service training options will have you and your staff rolled into one optimised process in no time.

Connected to the field

All our software continues to be designed specifically for the trades industry. Service works with simPRO Connect just as you'd expect. All those operational and administrative tasks that normally requires numerous people and mountains of paperwork can be done easily and seamlessly in the field on a tablet or phone.

Get in touch

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