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Laser Group and simPRO Software: A large scale recipe for success

by Brad Halcrow
March 13, 2014
Last year we were approached by Laser Group looking for a solution to a pressing problem. In a rapidly expanding franchise network of plumbing and electrical companies in Australia and New Zealand, Laser found themselves asking “ what is the best possible management tool we can offer these companies that will help them achieve the long term success we strive for? ”

[caption id="attachment_14258" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Laser Group Laser Plumbing & Electrical recently featured on several episodes of Better Homes & Gardens[/caption]

They’d been using their own bespoke solution for quite some time and it just wasn’t holding up with the current technology and systems available in the market.
"When Laser Group decided to retire its legacy software systems, simPRO Software was the obvious company to partner with to develop the next generation of Laser's software. As they’re leading experts in cloud-based software for trades-based businesses, simPRO stood out with their impressive development and support capacities and the peace of mind that comes from their long history of tailoring systems to suit their customers needs.
- Ashley Clemmett, GM, Member Network Support, Laser Group Australia

simPRO worked with Laser to tailor a solution that would meet their specific needs. Together we developed ‘LaserPro Enterprise’.

Laser don’t just have clients, their clients have clients, that’s a lot of data. The key was to get everyone using an industry standard workflow. Laser Members are given all the tools, knowledge and support they need to drive their business in the right direction.

With over 200 Members employing more than 2000 staff throughout Australasia, Laser Group rely heavily on LaserPro Enterprise. The system is used not only for their own management of the network but every Laser Member uses LaserPro Enterprise and is trained in the software to ensure their business is equipped for success.

Like simPRO, Laser were born from humble beginnings. They themselves began as a small Electrical business, grew to become one of New Zealand’s largest, then the network business model was developed in 1999. In 2004 Laser Group expanded into the Australian market and continues to go from strength to strength. It was in 2005 and 2006 Laser Group went on to win the New Zealand "Supreme Franchise Industry Award" 2 years running.
As a large distributed network of electrical and plumbing contracting business, comprising of over 200 companies across Australasia and with a focus on quality and service, it was important for Laser to work with another industry leader that shared the same values and commitment to excellence in order for us to migrate hundreds of users from our incumbent software suite into the new simPRO built environment. The team at simPRO have been a pleasure to work with and I very much look forward to continuing our close working relationship with them into the future.
- Ashley Clemmett, GM, Member Network Support, Laser Group Australia

[caption id="attachment_14259" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Brad Couper Brad Couper, simPRO Software CEO speaking at the International Laser Group Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand in 2013[/caption]


We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Laser Group and look forward to continuing to support the network with the business management tools required to succeed.

Laser Group
To learn more about Laser Group visit:

Lover of strong coffee, craft beer and retro motorcycles. Sharing stories as Journey Partnership Manager for simPRO Software.

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