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Gain the Competitive Advantage with GPS Technology

by Brad Halcrow
February 3, 2014
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Customers choose to do business with companies for a variety of reasons: great products, great service, great value or ‘because they always have’. Sometimes there’s no choice.

Normally customers do have a choice so you need to offer that something special to gain and retain customers.

Use GPS tracking to provide better service

From our experience, customers usually wonder how they ever survived without GPS tracking. Chaotic offices often experience a tangible sense of calm. Real-time visibility of your field staff, whether they’re in transit or on the job enables a new-found transparency.

Office staff can proactively warn customers of potential delays or easily advise estimated arrival times. Efficiency is soon realised when urgent jobs are booked. Again, office staff can identify who’s nearest to that job and quote an estimated travel time. The address can be sent directly to your employee’s vehicle routing them directly to the site.

Disputes regarding time on site are answered with unquestionable proof by providing timesheet reports. Send the reports to the client to back up your invoices.

Think about this from the customer’s perspective. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a business that provides accurate data instantly? No more “we’ll have to call you back to check with our technician …” Bill accurately and reduce discrepancies.

Using GPS to provide better value

The reduced travel time and consequential money saved means your quotes become more competitive, particularly on tenders and large opportunities while maintaining a greater margin.

The greater transparency means better value service for your clients too.

You may also find that timesheets from staff also produce an increase in accuracy. Less travel time means a reduction in unnecessary mileage increasing the number of jobs per week field staff can service.

What is an extra job per week, per employee worth to you? How many kilometres per week would you save and how many hours would you save on your timesheets each month if they were truly accurate?

Try the Calculator. You’ll be amazed at the potential savings. It’s not unusual for customers to notice an increased bottom line of 20% or more.

Lover of strong coffee, craft beer and retro motorcycles. Sharing stories as Journey Partnership Manager for simPRO Software.

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