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Innovators and early adopters

Innovators and early adopters are leading the way in all industries.  We are at an exciting point in the evolution of technology.  Disruptions can occur anywhere, and large corporations are not exempt from that. Two major examples come to mind, where innovations have turned from disruptions into making entire businesses redundant. The first; Kodak  who believed that “People will always prefer film cameras, even if we invented digital ones” and Blockbuster who placed too much confidence in the assumption that “people don't want to watch films over the internet”.

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Australia under housing stress

Around 2.5 million people in Australia live below the internationally accepted poverty line1, and an estimated 875,000 households are experiencing housing stress, indicating that many Australian families struggle to manage housing costs with their household income2. 

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Augmented reality, robotics, and drone technology in field services?

It’s the sort of stuff you’d expect to see in your favourite sci-fi film – but soon you could expect to see it on your job sites, too.

Robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and like technologies are closer to becoming all in a day’s work for tradespeople around the world than we all might realise.

Because in Brisbane, Australia, in a hub of technological innovation and sparkling among other explosive Australian tech startups, lives RADlabs.

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Top tips for simPRO Service trials

Just signed up for your free 14-day trial of simPRO Service? Want to know where to start?

Here are my top tips for getting set up with Service and making the most of your trial.

Set up your company

First things first: you’ll need to set up your company information in your simPRO Service build, including your company address, employees and so on. Then, simPRO will automatically pull that information to your forms when you’re creating your quotes, jobs and invoices.

You’ll be asked to complete this information when you first sign up  – or you can add this info later under System > Setup. For more help with getting set up, check out this short article on our Help Guide.

It takes some time to do this initially, but you’ll only need to do it once. You’ll understand its worth later down the track when you see how it saves you time in other areas!

Walk through some workflows

The ‘Walk Me Through’ feature (found under Help on your simPRO Service dashboard) takes you step by step through everyday workflows in Service.

It’s a great tool for learning how to do something for the first time, or for those tasks you do less frequently.

To help you get up and running quickly, I recommend you go through the ‘tasks’ in the Walk Me Through feature. Then, once you’ve completed each task, simply search to find a specific walkthrough when you need it.


Get mobile with simPRO Connect

Did you that know you can also test drive our mobile app, simPRO Connect, with your Service trial? (Check that your devices are compatible here.)

Simply download the app from your app store, and log in with the details you received when you began your Service trial.

To see how Connect works with Service, create a few jobs in Service and assign them to yourself. Then, see the jobs appear in Connect on your mobile device!

You can then work your way through the Connect workflow and get a feel for how your employees can use it out in the field.

Set up suppliers and import catalogues

Import catalogues from your suppliers into Service to add materials to jobs and to create purchase orders straight from your system! And, as you have your true materials costs (and labour costs), you can create accurate quotes fast, and know the profitability of your quote before your customer even accepts it.

To import a supplier catalogue, you’ll need to get a CSV file with the details of your materials and pricing (you should be able to get this from your suppliers).

You can view more information about your catalogue imports, including a country-specific catalogue import template, here.

Get everyone on board

Why not add an extra licence or two and get a few coworkers involved in your trial?

Go to Systems > Subscriptions. Hit the + button next to Users to add a licence for both Service and Connect, or click + next to Connect to only increase your Connect licences. You can increase or decrease licences during your 14-day trial, just like you can if you end up paying for a Service subscription.

Once you’ve got more people on board, head on over to System > Setup > Security Groups to easily change access privileges for individual employees and groups.

I hope these tips help you make the most of your simPRO Service trial. For assistance at any stage, get in touch with our friendly Support team.

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