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by Vaughan Mckillop
May 17, 2016
Application Programming Interface

Here at simPRO, we love integrating with other great cloud products, such as accounting software solutions Quickbooks Online, Xero, and MYOB (to name a few). We’ve also had many great products integrate with us, such as Groundplan takeoff software and SyncEzy (Infusionsoft) marketing software.

For those of you who may not know, API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible for different applications to connect and communicate with each other. We’ve set out to make the simPRO API more powerful and even easier for other developers to integrate with us, so we can offer users even greater functionality.

Since we launched the simPRO API back in 2012, there have been many positive changes in the technologies and architecture of cloud-based APIs. We want to take full advantage of these changes and this is why we have decided to start developing this next installment of the simPRO API.

First things first

Don’t panic if you already have integrations written to simPRO using our current API, as we will continue to support it in the future and give you plenty of time to migrate any integrations across to the new API.

So, what’s coming?

The new API is currently in prototype and there is a lot more to do before it’s released – so while there is no timeframe for release just yet, we hope you are as excited about the next version of the API as we are.

The next version of the API will be based on RESTful architecture and will support the common HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE).

Now, the technical stuff...

So, for our readers interested in the nitty-gritty of the new API, here’s an example.

In curl request, to get the list of customer out of the new API, it’s as simple as:

curl -v http://simproaddress/api/customers

Or, to retrieve customer number 45:

curl -v http://simproaddress/api/v2/customers/45/

Inserting a new customer would be:

curl -v -X POST http://simproaddress/api/v2/customers -d ‘{"CompanyName": "simPRO Software"}’

And finally, updating a customer 45 would be:

curl -v -X PUT http://simproaddress/api/v2/customers/45/ -d ‘{"Address": "31 McKechnie Drive"}’

So that it’s easy to get up and running quickly, the API will support authentication using either an API key or OAuth. HTTP caching will also be supported using headers such as Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since, which will give a significant speed increase to integrations wanting only items changed since the last request.

Finally, the documentation will be completely overhauled giving much greater detail on each request that can be made and the respective response. You’ll also be able test calls from the documentation site against your build without needing to do any code.

As I’ve mentioned, because there is still a lot of work needed in the development of this new API, we cannot yet specify a release date for it. But watch this space – we’ll certainly keep you updated.

Lover of Aussie Rules Football and getting out on the water. Developing software as Technical Product Manager for simPRO Software.

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  1. Grant Scofield

    Great to see the functionality allowing api calls for just new/changed “records” Vaughan.
    Thanks for that !

  2. Great to see the new changes coming through and even more relieved to know that existing functions won’t be depreciated or discontinued.

  3. Paul Brian

    Is there any further news on a release date for the new API?

    • simPRO Software

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The current plan is for the new API to start rolling out to customers early in the New Year.

      Kind regards,

      Vaughan McKillop
      Technical Product Manager


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