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by Erin Haywood
January 24, 2017

In an accounting industry going through rapid and extraordinary change, what exactly does it mean – and what does it take – to be today’s progressive and prosperous accounting practice?  

Passion, yes. Perseverance, definitely. And participation in Spotlight Reporting’s inaugural Transform! Summit, positively!

So, what’s the Transform! Summit?

The Transform! Summit is a meeting of innovative accountants and advisors and is taking place in ‘windy’ Wellington, New Zealand, on March 2.  

What you discover over the one-day event might just, dare I say it, blow you away… because with emerging technologies, the cloud, and new business models, the role of the accountant will never be the same again.

You’ll hear from world-class motivational speakers, the likes of Xero’s New Zealand Managing Director Anna Curzon, The Gap 2014 Ltd’s Co-Founders Viv Brownrigg and Mark Jenkins, and inventor and social entrepreneur Sir Ray Avery.

You’ll also have the chance to learn from the industry’s best and brightest, as leading advisors share their strategies for success, including how to strengthen your own role as a trusted advisor to your clients.  

The opportunities to network are endless and the actionable insights to be gained are invaluable.

For more details about the event (there’s a pre-summit half day and post-summit full day, including networking drinks and nibbles and a yoga session – not at the same time, fortunately) check out the official Transform! Summit web page.

Say hi to the simPRO Software team

The simPRO New Zealand team will be sharing ideas in an interview-style workshop: Transformation in the Trenches.

They’ll also be free for a chat about the simPRO Software Referral Programme for accountants and advisors working with trade contractor clients.

Registering for the Transform! Summit

Unfortunately, registration for the summit is now closed.

Stay in touch to be informed of future events and, in the meantime, consider partnering with us to grow your practice, strengthen your role as trusted advisor, receive recurring commissions and more! 


Writer, bookworm, and travel enthusiast. Writing and editing daily as Copywriter for the simPRO Software Group.

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