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A revamped Connect is waiting for you

by Sian Scott
January 16, 2017

Thanks to our customers’ valuable feedback, combined with the innovation and skills of our dedicated mobile team, we’re excited to deliver the latest update to your Connect mobile app!

This update includes a raft of improvements to streamline syncing, give you a smoother workflow for your field techs, and improve the app’s overall performance.

It's available for Android devices from today, but may take a few days to become available for iOS.

Read on for more details, or head to our release notes.

Starting from scratch

For this update, we thank all of our customers who provided valuable feedback about Connect. Our mobile team took all feedback into consideration and we hope this update helps make your workday smoother.

The team examined Connect’s code from scratch, looking for improvements to make it smoother and faster to use, and spent months reworking, developing and testing the app’s workflow.

We tested a closed Beta version with the help of some of our customers/field technicians, who were great testers and provided valuable feedback. And with that feedback, we made final tweaks to ensure the changes would work smoothly in the real world.

Improvements to syncing and overall performance

When you’re working in Connect, we know you need it to sync your data seamlessly so you can get on with your job. That’s why we’ve improved and fine-tuned Connect’s syncing, for both full syncing and background syncing.

The app’s overall performance, GPS performance, and attachment uploading times have also been improved – helping you move on to your next task faster.

There’s also a new offline warning, so if you’ve got patchy network coverage the app will notify you if you try to use online-only features.

A minor facelift

We’ve made a few small tweaks to Connect’s user interface – it still looks like the same app, but you’ll find a few small things look a bit fresher.

The blue loading screen has been replaced with an overlay message, so when the app syncs you’ll stay on the screen you were on, keeping your workflow smooth. There are also a few interface improvements to make the app feel more modern; the logout button has been relocated to the bottom of the screen; and a new syncing icon will appear up the top of the app so you’ll know your data is safely being synced in the background.

With a whole team dedicated to Connect, we’re working on brand new features that we’re aiming to release soon! If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving our app, head on over to our Ideas Portal to let us know.


Sian is Communications Manager and general word nerd for simPRO Software. She wears the trademark glasses and terrible posture you'd expect of a person who spends most of their time on a computer.

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