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24/7 service a breeze with simPRO

by Brad Halcrow
February 6, 2015

Industrial Doors

Industrial Security Doors Ltd (ISD) is a London-based manufacturer and installer of roller shutters, folding shutters and security doors which also provides emergency repairs.

ISD has been operating for 20 years and has 15 staff, of whom five work in the back office and 10 are on the road. ISD recently switched from their old computerised system, which was developed in-house, to simPRO Enterprise with a range of add-ons so we spoke with them to find out what impact it had on their day-to-day operations.

Before they switched to simPRO, one of the ISD’s key challenges was providing timely back-office support for their engineers and customers when they delivered services outside business hours, such as repairing broken security equipment.

This was a major hassle because quotation was difficult without a full price list and after a job was done the client could not be invoiced until the next business day which could mean a long delay. It also annoyed the customer if they wanted to process the invoice but had to wait.

After hours invoicing

Since ISD installed simPRO Enterprise that has all changed as invoices can now be prepared and dispatched anywhere, anytime.

Industrial Doors

According to dispatcher David, simPRO has revolutionised the operation of the business.“Now, because simPRO is cloud based, I can work from home of an evening and weekends,” David says. “I have a laptop and as soon as a customer rings through I can actually load an invoice straight onto simPRO, whereas previously we used to have to rely on emails and text messages.”

“It’s allowed us to do everything in a more efficient and professional manner and, if a customer wants an invoice straight away to pay an invoice, I can issue that within minutes of them contacting me and we can get paid straight away.”

Quick quotes

According to operations manager Neil, the system allows him to deliver better service to his customers when they need it just by keeping his laptop with him. “You can be anywhere in the car - with a laptop - and do business with a customer,” Neil said. “With the catalogue, the prices are there and it’s done. Simple as that.”

Easy profit estimating

Neil says that another benefit of simPRO is that he can gauge the profit margin on any job immediately because all the input costs are in the system so he can tell if a job is worth doing.

Industrial Doors

ISD uses the simPRO Connect add-on, which allows mobile engineers to access simPRO Enterprise remotely from a tablet or smartphone and makes it easy to dispatch and track them. They have also fully integrated it with their Sage accounting software, which drastically speeds up the back office function.

More business

According to David, simPRO has cut the administration time needed to process a new job by 75% compared to their previous software system, which means they can now book more work and make bigger profits.

“simPRO takes a fraction of the time that we did on our previous systems,” David said. “Because it’s fully integrated with both simPRO Connect and Sage it makes the whole process from start to finish just one flowing motion.”

“Going from taking 10 minutes to log one job on paper, to six minutes with our old computerised system, to 90 seconds with simPRO is a considerable decrease in time which means we can get a lot more jobs on.“

The full video case study details other ways that Enterprise has enhanced Industrial Security Doors’ processes to increase profitability. We'd like to thank Industrial Security Doors for their time and sharing their story. For more information on Industrial Security Doors visit:


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