Training & Consultation

simPRO Service online training  

This training is designed to show you all that Service is capable of. Learn from the experts with either the Kick Starter or Business Builder training packages.

New Individual Online simPRO Service only

simPRO Enterprise online training  

In this one-on-one session, our experienced consultants interact directly with your simPRO Enterprise build to understand your problem and help you arrive at the best solution.

New Individual Online

On-site follow-up training  

Customised on-site training is available in full- and half-day blocks to build your staff knowledge or optimise your setup and workflows.


Pre-sales consultation  

Our implementation consultants will help you assess whether simPRO Enterprise is the best job management solution for your business.


Pre-implementation course  

This course is designed to prepare new clients for the installation process. Potential clients can attend this course to learn about the process and impact of rolling out simPRO Enterprise in their businesses.


Implementation training  

This structured program for new clients combines the implementation and setup of simPRO Enterprise with training for new users.