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Schedule with ease and simplicity with simPRO job management software

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Schedule on the go
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Reduce travel time

Get to the right place on time, every time

Use simPRO to easily schedule technicians, contractors, and equipment, and keep track of your business each day and months in advance.

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Schedule in a view that suits you

One calendar view does not suit all — so choose your own perspective. Instantly switch between daily, weekly, monthly, project, and employee schedule views to best suit your business.

Tell at a glance who’s busy, when, and where. Prevent double-booking with alerts for overlapping schedules. If plans change, a drag and drop is all it takes to swap schedules between employees.

With the Google Calendar integration, you can sync your calendars with simPRO for a clearer understanding of everyone’s availability.

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Be a team player – schedule entire teams

If you send an apprentice out with a technician to every job, or need to send a group of employees to a job, don’t schedule them separately.

In simPRO Enterprise, create a team that you can schedule just once, saving on admin time.

You can also group equipment with technicians to easily keep track of both.

Schedule entire team

Keep your employees and customers in the loop with notifications

When you add, change or delete a quote or job schedule for a technician or salesperson, they’ll get a notification through the simPRO Connect mobile app.

Technicians can get a clear view of their scheduled work each day with Connect’s runsheet without needing to drop by or call the office.

You can also set up automated emails to let customers know when a technician is on their way to a quote or job.

Stay in the loop with notifications

Less travel, more billable hours

Don’t send technicians halfway across town if you don’t need to.

When scheduling a job, you can easily calculate the distance between the job site and the nearest available technician — whether it be from their home address or their current location at a scheduled job.

Schedule the technician who is closest to the job, preventing unnecessary travel time.

“The scheduling module in simPRO is fantastic. You can drop resources, move them around at the click of a button and everyone in the office knows where everyone is, doing what job, when.”

Rachel from HPAC Energy Centre

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