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Purchasing and stock made easy

Manage and monitor your materials with simPRO job management software

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Import supplier catalogues
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Monitor stock and storage locations
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Order materials through your system

Take stock of your situation

Don’t get stuck without the stock you need. Keep track of stock and storage locations, and make sure you’ve got the right gear at the right time.

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Bring your catalogue with you

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Import thousands of items to your simPRO catalogue.

All the important details you need, such as part numbers, trade and cost prices, tax codes, markups, minimum pack quantities, storage locations and more, will be available when you need them.

And if you have multiple suppliers for the one item, keep all their pricing together and easily compare costs in your catalogue.

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See how much, how many, and where

View and assign materials to storage locations, such as a warehouse or a technician’s van, and see at a glance whether the technician you’re scheduling to a job has the parts they need. If not, you can easily restock their van by transferring materials from your warehouse.

If you’ve got a lot to manage, create groupings of commonly paired materials and labour to add to a quote or job in one go.

You can also perform stock adjustments or stocktakes as needed, helping you identify variances and evaluate your stock management.

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Raise orders and receipt materials

Keep your vans well-stocked or order new parts for a job straight off your bill of materials.

Once you’ve added all the items you need, you can see which supplier will give you the best price based on your catalogue’s pricing details, and send the order through to them. Then when the parts are delivered, receipt the order and the stock will update in your system.

If you’re working on a large-scale project that will need estimates from various suppliers, request project pricing straight off your estimate to deliver more competitive pricing to your customers.

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“We noticed massive savings with our materials bills within one month.”

Adam from Bell Plumbing Maintenance

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