Efficiency, Professionalism and Profitability

In an ever-increasing competitive market, simPRO is the competitive advantage your business needs to consolidate operations and start earning the returns it should. Used widely throughout the security industry, simPRO automates the entire operational workflow of the business.

Think about your security business, wouldn’t it be easier to come to work knowing that your business operated in a proactive environment? That operations and jobs were running not just smoothly but profitably?

Scheduling Screenshot

simPRO is job-centric, instantly providing a snapshot of all your operational processes – estimating, scheduling, project management, purchasing, catalogues and invoicing – are visible in one seamless package. Now materials and labour costs are easily controlled with reduced administration time.

simPRO leverages your time, providing greater control and direction for your business. By proactively controlling materials and labour costs, you avoid margin erosion and enjoy a more profitable business.

“Quotes are going out faster, jobs are finishing sooner and costs are being measured.”

Bozidar Jovanovic, BLUi Security