simPRO’s Journey to the US

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Elevate 61

First stop on a recent trip to the US, I spent two weeks with a small senior management group from simPRO getting a high velocity business induction to the US.

We were really fortunate to have been accepted into a program called Elevate61 which is an accelerator into the US for high growth technology companies, run by KPMG and Advance. There were over 50 applicants for the program and eight were accepted in.

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The Great Field Service Brain-drain

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Capturing Knowledge before Retirement Impacts your Business

“George is leaving too? Great. First Rhonda, then George – who am I going to call when I get stuck now?”

A few years ago we lost two of my favorite techs to early retirement. We have a great escalation process, so I wasn’t really in danger of getting stuck, but we did lose two fantastic resources that I had come to rely on. Even with 30 years of experience, I still learn from interactions with other techs. We have a very senior workforce (I have the second fewest years on my team), so I am very fortunate to have a large pool of knowledge to draw on. However, we are set to lose an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in the next decade, and in a few years I’ll be that guy that everyone calls to pick at my brain.

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Discovering waste in the supply process

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Mobile shelving system with goods in warehouse

One of the recent discoveries in my consulting work were the inefficiencies we found in one section of a company that related to the ordering/supply process. We discovered through a Customer Update Report from their supplier that over a ten-month period their staff had personally visited the branches 1321 times. This equates to approximately 6.34 times per day. See the chart below that outlines both the current situation and the efficiency scenario.

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Stress, Speculation and the Apple Watch

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Apple Watch

Today we’d like to welcome Don Stephens as a contributor to our blog. Don is both a veteran field service worker and a freelance writer. The combination makes for a refreshing addition to our blog.

Um… I dropped it really, really hard…” I said as I dropped a baggy full of pager pieces on the desk.

The stunned look on our technology specialist’s face was priceless. She poured the beeper’s remains onto her desk. Sifting through shards of plastic, bits of metal and a crushed battery, she smirked and asked, “Stressful day?”

Smiling like the Cheshire cat, I grabbed the replacement pager and turned to leave.

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Why having the right team is essential to your success

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Electricians working as a team

How to find, keep and grow the right team members for your business

As an entrepreneur or owner of a small business, having the right team in place is one of your greatest forms of leverage (with capital and systems being equally important). However, even the most systemised and financially well-backed business won’t be able to grow successfully without the right team. Sure, they may have their business model down-pat and have plenty of capital to make growing a much smoother proposition, but without the right people to run the business and actually work ‘IN’ the business (the way it was intended to be run), that business stands a poor chance of success.

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2015 Information Session Tour – UK

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simPRO Information Sessions

We’re super excited to announce for the first time the simPRO Information Session will be rolled out in the UK. We’ll be delivering two sessions, one in London and one in Birmingham, both entirely free.

The sessions will be hosted by Brian Hendrick with talks held by Wayne Barelds and Lynelle Hills, Managing Director (UK).

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Security Exhibition and Conference 2015

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Security Expo 2015
Credit: Australian Security Magazine


Anyone going this year? We are. We’ll be at Stand F14.

This year will mark a commemorative thirty years of the Security Exhibition and Conference.

The event will be held at: the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
From: 15-17 July 2015.

The only way to get a thorough understanding of the latest in the industry is, like us, get on down to the event and get involved.

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Do Tradies Need Their Own Mobile App?

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Appswiz Opportunities

This is a guest blog post from our friends at: AppsWiz

So you’re a hard working tradie operating in a competitive field. You only have so many hours in the day and you need to make every one of them profitable right? Having regular clients who book your services again and again is the holy grail – we all know it’s easier and more profitable to keep existing customers than to spend money, time and resources acquiring new customers.

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