Meadowcroft leaves the days of paper well behind

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Meadowcroft Limited

Meadowcroft Limited is based in Guernsey in the UK. They’re a building services company that has been in business for more than 50 years.

We caught up with owner and Managing Director Paul Meadowcroft to discuss how simPRO Enterprise has helped him become the first paperless contractor in the Channel Islands and his plans to become the local industry leader.

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For those feeling busy, try productive instead

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Busy vs Productive

When was the last time you asked a colleague how their work week is going? And when was the last time you heard an answer loaded with anything other than anxiety or stress? “I’m flat out” or “keeping my head above water” have become the default as if to avoid the ‘lazy’ label. We’ve become fearful of appearing to juggle anything other than ten projects at a time in an attempt to explain our work schedule. Unfortunately, busy doesn’t equate to productive.

Doing less is not being lazy. Don’t give in to a culture that values personal sacrifice over personal productivity.
– Tim Ferriss, FourHourWorkWeek.

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Too busy to chase the money?

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Aitchison Reid

This is a guest post by Fionna C Aitchison Reid.

Please note that this article has been written in relation to the Queensland jurisdiction and does not apply to other jurisdictions.

Don’t leave chasing money until the end of December because you may have to wait even longer to get paid, thanks to the new amendments to the Queensland’s Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (BCIPA).

It’s the crazy time of year, where the work piles up and you end up delaying the invoicing and the paperwork for when you have time.

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simPRO partners with Aitchison Reid

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Helping Hand

We’re proud to now be partnering with building and construction lawyers, Aitchison Reid.

Summary of Aitchison Reid

  • Does your contract fully protect you or does it leave you exposed?
  • Do you understand your contract?
  • Do your customers understand your contract?
  • Are you proud of your contract and does it reflect your values?

Aitchison Reid believe your contract is like any other tool in your tool box; it should work for you. They write eContracts that work for you and your business.

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5 cheap marketing techniques for trade services

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Business a little slow? How long has it been since you measured your marketing efforts? By taking time to review what your marketing is costing you and by utilising some cheaper avenues to reach your audience you’re likely to attract more business. Be prepared to test, review and to look to new platforms to make a splash.

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