Maximise your profit capacity as your business grows

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Theory of constraints

How to use the Theory of Constraints to control and scale your business.
A guest blog post by Business Coach, Eric Gregory of Gregory Business Coaching.

The goal of every business and its’ owners is to create consistent, predictable and controllable profit, year in and year out. Sure, you might like to have some fun along the way and maybe feel a sense of satisfaction from what you do, yet, if your business doesn’t provide a return on investment above and beyond your wage, in the form of profit, what you’ve really done is built yourself a job as opposed to a company, which is probably not why you originally went into business in the first place.

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How one engineer banished spreadsheets with simPRO

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Network EPS

Network EPS is a family-owned electrical and mechanical engineering business based in Birmingham in the UK which installs and maintains a variety of systems including air-conditioning, commercial heating and plumbing.

With up to 10 sub-contractors on the road at a time, managing the business was getting to be overwhelming so director Jeff Scriven stepped up to the simPRO Enterprise job management system.

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Budgeting for 2015

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Budgeting 2015

A guest post contributed by Sue Hirst, Director at CFO On-Call.

A surprisingly large number of businesses don’t have an effective budget in place – if at all!

A budget can allow you to identify overspending in your business and let you take quick action to fix it. Budgets can be entered into most accounting software systems and a ‘Budget versus Actual’ Profit and Loss can be printed so that you can easily see any variances and manage them.

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Electrical installer using cloud to see the big picture

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WM Brown

Glasgow electrical control system installers Wm. Brown & Co recently moved to simPRO after becoming frustrated with their “random” management systems that didn’t talk to each other.

We caught up with them and discovered them revelling in a system that lets them work when and where they want and to really understand for the first time where they are making money.

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simPRO Service – We’re Live!

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Service is Live
This is about the most exciting news since … well, the dawn of simPRO.

Introducing, simPRO Service

For a while now we’ve heard from clients looking for a solution not quite as ‘full-blown’ as Enterprise. They’ve aspired to be running on the simPRO engine but haven’t required the larger features Enterprise is renowned for.

Since November last year we’ve had a few early adopters using simPRO Service BETA. When I say a few I mean, several hundred users have signed up to put it through it’s paces.

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Meadowcroft leaves the days of paper well behind

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Meadowcroft Limited

Meadowcroft Limited is based in Guernsey in the UK. They’re a building services company that has been in business for more than 50 years.

We caught up with owner and Managing Director Paul Meadowcroft to discuss how simPRO Enterprise has helped him become the first paperless contractor in the Channel Islands and his plans to become the local industry leader.

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