Align your service standards with your customers’ needs

Today’s customers want more than just good customer service. Go above and beyond by showing up on time, every time.

Service Management Screenshot

  • Your customers want you to be responsive, reliable and punctual
  • You want prompt payment at a rate that allows you to maintain your margins

How do we align the two?

Speed and Efficiency

Each job is simply a matter of entering Who, Where, What and When. If it’s an existing customer, just call up their record and add the new job. Next confirm when the job is to be done and allocate a technician to the time slot. It takes 2 minutes and can be done while the customer is on the phone.

“It’s allowed us to do everything in a more efficient and professional manner and, if a customer wants an invoice straight away to pay an invoice, I can issue that within minutes of them contacting me and we can get paid straight away.”

Industrial Security Doors Ltd

Record Keeping

Within the job file, there is a notes field where you can record any relevant client information. You can see their entire work history as well as additional information such as “watch for the dog”.

Service Job Invoicing

If you work from a schedule of rates, you can allocate the exact amount of labour and materials and even invoice the customer as you enter the data. simPRO calculates the charges for you, adding the appropriate margin along the way.