It all starts with efficient purchasing & stock control processes

There are only two ways to increase profits on any job or project – increase your prices or reduce your costs. Increasing prices or margins isn’t easy in today’s competitive environment and you need to make sure all of your costs are under control. Because of this, your purchasing and stock control processes need to be efficient.

Purchasing & Stock Control Screenshot

Other than labour and vehicles, stock is your most significant cost. Managing it and controlling it is vital. Too much stock and you’re tying up cash unnecessarily. Too little and you’re constantly chasing your own tail for parts and materials and wasting billable time.

“simPRO’s stock control system is legendary and 
ensures the right type and quantity of materials is on hand 
to complete the job on the spot for the client.”

Prestige Power


Purchase orders are raised through the system and allocated directly to the job. When you receive your supplier invoice, it’s easy to check the job it was assigned to and if the price was right.

Stock Control

simPRO removes the headache of stock control by providing real time stock levels on every storage location including back orders and overdue purchase orders for jobs.

Supplier Price Lists

simPRO integrates with many wholesaler catalogues and price lists. This means that when creating estimates and tracking job costs, you are using your “actual” material costs.