How do you know if your projects run profitably?

Reconciling labour and material costs can be a nightmare – timesheets, purchase orders, variations, supplier and contractor invoices – they never seem to tally up and you just don’t know if you’re making or losing money on the project.

Project Management Screenshot

simPRO shows you your ongoing project costs in real time. As and when labour and materials information are updated, the equation changes and you can see the immediate impact. simPRO factors everything in so you don’t have to wade through a mountain of paperwork to see what’s going on.

“In simplest terms, I now always feel and have control of things. 
As soon as I start getting confused or not sure what’s going on, simPRO helps find the solution.”

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Finally you know which projects are making you money (and which aren’t). An extra benefit is that you get to see which estimators are the most accurate and profitable and which staff get the most work done.