Keep the money coming in

Getting paid promptly is the result of getting your invoices out promptly; delay your invoices and your cash flow dries up. Just imagine how it would be if every job was invoiced as soon as it was finished with both time and materials accurately recorded and costed to maintain margins.

Invoicing Screenshot

simPRO enables your admin staff to quickly identify that profit margins have been maintained on jobs by displaying estimated profits against actual profits before the invoice is raised, removing the requirement for management to approve each invoice. With live updating of jobs via mobile devices or remote technician access, jobs are invoiced as the technician completes the work, reducing time from dispatch to invoice.

“To make it financially viable within the first month, I believe we paid off the whole simPRO amount, in one month, by collecting a whole lot of bills that just wouldn’t have been invoiced.”

Daniel, Gregory Air Conditioning & Mechanical