Decrease estimating time by up to 70%

From the largest projects to small service jobs, Enterprise’s estimating software makes it both quick and easy. With supplier price lists and all of your labour rates at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily compare components and charge rates to make your offer as competitive and as profitable as possible.

Estimating Screenshot

Estimating Projects

If the project is multi-stage or phase, each can be costed separately or as a group then duplicated with any alterations made when finalising.

Quotes can be formatted using Enterprise’s design templates to make sure your quote looks professional. Putting the proposal together and emailing it is made easy because it’s all integrated in one package.

“My costings have become more accurate, and when I have to adjust something, it’s quite easy to do. I can turn a quote out as easy as that, which I couldn’t do before.”

Jeff, Network EPS Ltd

Estimating Shortcuts

Because you can template and reuse regular assemblies (prebuilds), and reuse existing estimates and jobs, you don’t have to start from scratch every time. The time saving is enormous. If you’re working from plans, you can import the drawings and do an on-screen take-off using third-party add-ons such as Groundplan or Cloud Takeoff.

Accurate Supplier Pricing

Any supplier catalogues or materials list can be imported into the system for day to day pricing. You can then add items directly from your supplier catalogues directly onto your estimate. For larger projects, simply send your take-off list directly to the wholesaler for project prices.

Building Cost Estimator

For most businesses in the contracting sector, project estimating demands accuracy and detail. Using an effective building cost estimator can streamline the estimating process, and provide you with the most accurate and detailed estimate.

simPRO Enterprise estimating software provides quick and accurate estimates of large-scale electrical, plumbing, or HVAC projects. Enterprise allows a user to estimate costs on labour, materials, equipment, and other contract expenses with transparency and detail.

An accurate estimate gives you complete visibility into the true cost of the project to help you win tenders and understand your profits.

For the trade service industry, simPRO Enterprise can prove to be an effective building cost estimator when you’re tendering for those big jobs.